Simultaneity Multi Studies 27 and 28

Simultaneity Multi Studies 27 and 28, 2015. Photography.

Wanted to show these images side-by-side. They were made on the same day (perhaps less than an hour apart), and notice how vastly different these photos are in character. In Simultaneity Multi 27 (left), the dark areas read as a foreground, maybe silhouetted against a bright blue and white sky. Multi 28 has this flipped, so we automatically read it as a reflection. But which is correct? (The answer is both, or neither). Now, try flipping them over (This is a lot easier on a phone than on computer LOL). Completely different, right?

When photographing…

Don’t settle for just your FIRST interpretation of a scene when photographing. Move around. Hold your camera in different ways. Shoot up and down. Shoot up from down (and down from up). And when you make your prints (you’re printing them out, right?), look at work in different orientations, in different situations. You might surprise yourself.