About RonJohn

Originally from Southern California, RonJohn (Ronald Johnson) is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest. Currently exploring a multi-faceted studio process including abstract and narrative-based photography projects, experimental printmaking, painting, collage/assemblage, and sculpture.

San Francisco Art Institute, BFA Studio Art

Making art is the raison d’être.

  1. Art shows the universal in the common, the sacred in the profane, and truth in abstraction.
  2. Art sparks new ideas that inspire change.
  3. Art evokes a powerful emotional response.
  4. Art brings beauty into a world defined by pain.
  5. Art transforms the environment around it.
  6. Art is a link between generations and carries our stories into the future.

On abstraction
Abstraction is about finding the proper balance between the recognizable and the abstracted, the ordinary and the foreign. Abstraction untied from reality risks becoming noise; it is often a ‘pretty picture’ and nothing more. Abstraction united with reality cuts through noise and clutter. At its best, abstraction distills reality down to essential truths.